FBA Product Prep Services Flat-rate all-inclusive pricing:

What is Included:
Our climate controlled Facility
Receiving your case packed items. (Sorry, we are not handling OA at this time)
Bubble wrap.
Poly bagging.
Boxing for shipment. (damaged boxes will be replaced as necessary)

Contact us for a comprehensive list of Services and Fees.

We specifically deal with Amazon Size Tiers: Small Standard and Large Standard
If Amazon requires it, we do it!

With use of your Amazon Seller Central account to ship items to FBA the actual shipping charges will be charged though your Amazon Seller Central account.

What our all-inclusive price DOES NOT Included:
- GLASS CONTAINING LIQUIDS, HAZMAT, SMALL OVERSIZED, BOOK BUNDLES, AND MELTABLES will incur additional charges. Please contact us directly for a quote.
- We do not create the Amazon inventory listing for you
- We will work with Amazon's Size Tier of Medium Oversize, Large Oversize or Special Oversize for additional charges.
- Adding unnecessary materials to your order would incur a $0.50 per unit resource intensive add-on for the units where it is requested.
- Items we consider "Resource Intensive" will incur a $0.50 per unit add-on
The add-on will not be charged without prior notice.

Kitting is $2.00 per unit
Kitting is a project where different items are pulled together into a sellable unit and extra items are provided by the customer like boxes, inserts, branding stickers, specific packaging, branded tape, etc. are required. All items for the kit must be provided by the customer, with the exception of basic prep materials, which are included in the price (if necessary).

Removal Order Processing
Removal Order Processing is $1.25 per unit

For Amazon removal orders, the normal process is:
- You place the removal order from Amazon to send the items to our facility
- When the items begin to arrive (normally 1-2 days after you place the removal order) we will inspect and inventory them as they arrive
- Place them on a pallet for you in a designated location in our facility
- We will provide you with weekly inventory reports for what we have received and photos of any products that were received damaged.
- We will then complete any necessary prep and send re-labeled like-new items back into Amazon for you.
-We will consult with you regarding any damaged items.

Storage Fees
- If needed, We will hold your items in storage for a $10 monthly charge for up to 5 cubic feet (the equivalent 27”x18”x18” carton)
- If you send more than 3 cartons (greater than 5 cubic feet) it is enough to place on a pallet and we charge:
- $40 per pallet per month
This is a flat-rate and not prorated. If your items stack higher than 6 ft., then we will allocate another pallet for you at the same rate.

Please Note: Any items in storage for more than 3 months without payment of storage fees will be disposed of at our discretion. We will make every attempt to contact you before this happens.

Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) services:
Standard size: $2.00 per fulfilled unit + monthly storage fees
Included Packaging:
- 6x10 Bubble Mailer OR
- 6x6x4 Box OR
-10x7x3.5 Box
For items that do not fit in the above packaging sizes or need extra protection, materials will be billed at cost.


Looking for something different? We also handle Direct to Consumer fulfillment for your Etsy, Shopify, Wu Commerce, eBay, etc... Same day shipping!

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